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December 7, 2022
INTERVIEW: Eileen Jaffe

Eileen Jaffe has spent a long career as a professor in the Molecular Therapeutics program at Fox […]

November 30, 2022

Roger D. Peng is a Professor of Statistics and Data Sciences at the University of Texas, Austin. Previously, he […]

November 21, 2022
Under the Evidence Act, the NIH Could Do Much More…

If you care about evidence-based policy, one of your favorite moments in the past 20+ years is […]

November 16, 2022
Birds, Frogs, and … Squirrels? A Comment on Leaving Academia

by Eric Gilliam Erik Hoel, who writes The Intrinsic Perspective, has just announced that he is leaving his position […]

October 19, 2022
Bringing Greater Balance to the Force (the Biomedical Scientific Workforce, that is)

One of the biggest problems in scientific funding today is that younger scientists are increasingly shut out […]

October 11, 2022
How to Actually Reduce the Administrative Burden on Research

Tl;dr version: So far, it has been pretty much impossible to reduce the burden of bureaucracy on […]