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May 11, 2024
Managing Lockheed’s Skunk Works

This piece covers how Kelly Johnson managed Lockheed’s famous Skunk Works. In its early decades, Skunk Works […]

How to Fund More Innovative Research

Back in 1980, Berkeley physicist Richard Muller published a piece in Science that is one of the most compelling articles I’ve ever […]

April 4, 2024
Hot Dogs, Cancer Cells, Replication, and AI

The Difficulty of Replicating Hot Dogs Let’s start off with a story that was featured on This American […]

March 30, 2024
Do We Fund New Research or Not?

A not-well-kept secret is that a great way to get funding from NIH is to stagger your […]

March 4, 2024
Why Are We Screwing Over Researchers Who Make Innovative Discoveries?

Current federal law allows universities to patent discoveries made with federal funding, but numerous empirical studies show […]

February 27, 2024
NIH and March-In Rights under Bayh-Dole

If you didn’t tune in for the riveting Senate hearing over the nomination of the new NIH Director Monica […]