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January 18, 2023
Creating a Clinical Trial Committee at the NIH

We should set up a Clinical Trial Committee at NIH that would have primary responsibility for strategizing […]

January 17, 2023
INTERVIEW: Adriano Aguzzi

Adriano Aguzzi is a professor and director of the Institute of Neuropathology at the University of Zurich. […]

January 9, 2023
INTERVIEW: Geneticist at a Top 5 University

At the Good Science Project, we’ve been featuring regular interviews with practicing scientists. One of the chief […]

December 20, 2022
Data, peer review, post-docs . . . and missed opportunities

Three recent developments to note: First, one of the most exciting events in 2022 is that the […]

December 12, 2022
INTERVIEW: Jason Shepherd

Jason Shepherd is an Associate Professor in the Department of Neurobiology and holds the Jon M. Huntsman […]

December 10, 2022
Who’s Responsible for Research Fraud Anyway?

The President of Stanford (Marc Tessier-Lavigne) has recently come under investigation for a series of neuroscience papers […]